Land Registration in Uganda

In this section, you will find answers relative to the registration of your land. When shall you need to register it? Why shall you register it? Where shall I go to make sure my land is registered?... You have not found the answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to ask us We will be delighted to give you a prompt answer and to share the answer on this page. Keep also in mind that the Land office of your district remains your privileged land partner. Do not hesitate to ask them any questions you may have.

Why is land title so important?
The land title is very important because it is the only evidence you have of ownership. It also contributes to your family's security because you can be sure that you cannot be evicted. It avoids land disputes and it is required by banks to give you loan facilities. Therefore, it is essential for you to have a land title, up-to-date and containing reliable information.

I own land but I do not know if my land is registered. What shall I do to make sure my land is registered?
You must go to the Land Office of your district and check with the administrative staff that your land is registered.

I own land that I have inherited from my parents. Do I need to have a land title?
It is a very frequent situation because most of the time, people think this is not the responsibility of the new owners. But even in that, if you do not have a land title, you need to go to your district land office and have your land registered. Keep in mind that the land title is the only evidence you have of ownership.

I am in the process of purchasing a piece of land but I have not been given any land title?
Before purchasing your land, you should go to the DLO (District Land Office) and make sure the land is well registered. You will avoid further land disputes.

Shall I have to go to Kampala to have my land registered?
The development of the new land information system strengthens the decentralized land administration system. Before the introduction of the Land Information System, people had to go to Kampala that cost a lot of time and money. Thanks to the decentralization process, your focal point remains the Land Office of your district. If you do not know if your land is registered, the DLO can tell you. If you do not know exactly the kind of documents you need to have your land registered, your DLO can tell you.

My land is already registered but I need to update my information. What shall I do?
You have to go to your DLO and you will be able to provide information to the Registration staff for updating your new information about your land property.